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Martin Donegan

Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA)
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Setup a New Pension Plan

1. Clarify Your Retirement Objectives :  I can help you define your retirement goals, including your desired retirement age, lifestyle expectations, and projected expenses. This will help tailor a pension plan that fits your specific needs.

2. Choose the Right Pension Plan : I can help you navigate the different types of pension plans, such as Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs), Occupational Pension Schemes, or Self-Directed Pensions. Selecting the appropriate plan is crucial for maximizing your benefits.

3. Understand Fees and Charges : It's important to be aware of all associated fees and charges, including management fees, administration costs, and any other expenses. I can provide you with a clear breakdown and help you understand the long-term impact on your pension savings.

4. Diversify Investment Options  : I can help you to select a balanced portfolio of investments within your pension plan. They can guide you on the best mix of assets that align with your risk tolerance and long-term growth potential.

5. Regular Reviews and Adjustments : Setting up a pension is not a one-time activity. Regular reviews and adjustments are essential to stay on track with your retirement goals. 

Review your Existing Pension Plan/s

1. Assess Current Performance: I can help you review the current performance of your pension plans, including returns on investments, fees, and overall growth. This helps to identify if your pension is on track to meet your retirement goals.

2. Evaluate Investment Strategy: Together we can re-evaluate the investment strategy within your pension plan. This includes assessing the asset allocation, risk levels, and the diversity of your investment portfolio to ensure it aligns with your current financial situation and goals.

3. Review Fees and Charges: Examine the fees and charges associated with your pension plan. Understanding how much you are paying in management fees, administrative costs, and other expenses can highlight areas where you may save money or improve efficiency.

4. Consider Life Changes: Our review will take into account any significant life changes that might affect your pension plans, such as changes in employment, marital status, health, or financial goals.

5. Future Projections and Adjustments: I can provide updated future projections based on your current pension status and make necessary adjustments. This includes recalculating your retirement income needs, expected retirement date, and any changes in your financial objectives to ensure your pension plan keeps you on track for a secure retirement.

Have you left a pension account with a previous employer?

We want to help our clients reclaim their lost pensions and use them to effectively plan for a better future for themselves and their families."

What are the cost involved for me?

You don't have to pay anything out of pocket for our services! We are paid by the pension providers.

However, all pensions have a management fee that is deducted from the fund. This fee covers the cost of managing the pension."

Access Your Pension

1. Understand Your Withdrawal Options: I can help you understand the different ways you can access your pension funds, such as lump sum withdrawals, annuities, or drawdown options. Knowing the pros and cons of each method is crucial for making informed decisions.

2. Tax Implications: Accessing your pension can have significant tax implications. I can explain how different withdrawal amounts and methods will be taxed, helping you plan in a tax-efficient manner and possibly take advantage of any available tax reliefs.

3. Sustainable Income Planning: A key concern is ensuring your pension lasts throughout your retirement. I will work with you to create a sustainable income plan that balances immediate needs with long-term financial security, including forecasting future expenses and potential returns.

4. Investment Adjustments: Even in retirement, how your remaining pension fund is invested continues to matter. I will review your portfolio and make necessary adjustments to align with your new income needs and risk tolerance as you age.

5. Beneficiary Planning: Ensure your pension benefits are optimally structured to support your beneficiaries. I can help you with estate planning, choosing the right beneficiaries, and understanding the rules around passing on pension assets to loved ones in a tax-efficient manner.

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