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Martin Donegan

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How you Start to Save

You want to save, but you don’t know where to start or where to put your money

Here you’ll find the right tips and tricks on how to make saving a piece of cake. Get started with our helpful information!

I am here to help you do that by discovering the best ways to save money and build a better financial future.

How Savings works for You

I don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. When it comes to saving, we each have different starting points, different goals and different capacities to save. The way you save will depend on whether you want to be a regular saver, or if you’re a lump sum investor.

How open are you to taking some investment risks?  How much money are you comfortable with saving each month?

Discover the savings plan that’s right for you. Learn more about the steps to saving and creating your very own savings journey.

I  can help you find the right savings plan to suit your needs and circumstances.

Saving for Your new Home

Saving for a home requires careful planning, so it’s important to speak to an expert.

A recent survey revealed that nearly 90 per cent of people who bought their home in the last 5 years strongly agreed that talking to an savings advisor helped them make decisions during the process.

In particular, 70 per cent said it enabled them to work out what they could afford and 61 per cent stated that it saved them money by ensuring they bought at the right time.

Talk to me about how you can save for your first home or help your children onto the property ladder contact me today.

Saving for Your Kids Education

One of the biggest costs you will face in your life is educating your children and grandchildren.

The cost at University is set to increase every year – so how are you going to afford it?

Starting early is vital, so we’ve designed a simple savings plan calculator tool to help you make sure your child has access to the best possible education.

I recommend you save 10% of your income each month; we I you towards saving more the higher your income and then continue to capitalize on your savings when it’s time to send your child to college.

Sample Monthly Savings Plan

  • Min. €100 p.m
  • Ideal minimum term 5/7 years (and longer)
  • No policy fee
  • 100% net allocation on funds
  • No early exit penalties
  • 1% levy is covered by us
  • Range of funds to suit your risk profile
  • Base Annual Management Fee of 1.35%
  • Access to ongoing advice and service at no extra cost
  • Track your savings via online App
  • Exclusive market updates and investment commentary

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