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Challenges with Buying Financial Products

1. Complexity of Financial Products: Financial products can be highly complex and difficult to understand, which may lead to confusion and poor decision-making. Understanding the terms, fees, and conditions associated with these products can be a daunting task for many individuals.

2. Comparing Different Offers: With numerous banks and financial institutions offering a wide variety of financial products in Ireland, comparing different offers to find the best deal can be challenging and time-consuming. Each product may have different features, rates, and benefits, which complicates the comparison.

3. Lack of Transparent Information: Often, there is a lack of clear and transparent information available, making it difficult for consumers to fully understand the financial products they are considering. Important details may be buried in fine print, leading to potential misunderstandings or overlooked costs.

4. Hidden Fees and Charges: Hidden fees and charges associated with financial products can significantly affect the overall cost. These can include administrative fees, early repayment charges, and other miscellaneous fees that are not immediately apparent, leading to unexpected expenses down the line.

How can a Qualified Financial Advisor help with the challenges of
buying Financial Products?

1. Complexity of Financial Products:

As financial adviser I can break down complex products into simpler terms and help my clients understand the intricacies, making informed decisions easier.

2. Comparing Different Offers:
As financial adviser, I have access to a wide range of products from various providers and can efficiently compare different offers, presenting the best options to my clients. 

3. Lack of Transparent Information:
As a financial Adviser, I can provide clear and transparent information, highlighting all terms, fees, and conditions, ensuring that my clients are well-informed before making any decisions.

4. Hidden Fees and Charges:
As a financial adviser I can identify hidden fees and charges, ensuring that clients are aware of all potential costs associated with a product, thereby avoiding unexpected expenses.

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Meet Martin Your Qualified Financial Advisor and Broker.

Martin began his career in 1993 with Royal Liver Assurance as a sales agent based in their Waterford office. He was promoted to Sales Manager in their Wexford office in 2000 and then became Sales Manager of their Waterford/Wexford branch in 2003. 

 He moved to Canada Life Assurance in 2006 as Sales Manager of their South East operation.After 17 years in the business Martin felt the next move was to open his own Brokerage and bring the best independant advice to his existing and future clients. 

 Martin is a Qualified Financial Adviser (QFA) and a member of the Life Insurance Association of Ireland (LIA) and Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA)Martin is married and has two daughters. Martin is a keen sports fan and enjoys the odd game of Golf & Tennis 

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Martin Donegan

Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA)

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What are the Real Benefits of working with a Financial Advisor


  • You gain clarity about your financial goals and options.
  • You feel confident in making investment decisions.
  • You have better control over your financial future.
  • You feel more secure about your financial well-being.
  • You have more financial resources and tools.

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Martin Donegan

Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA)


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